The Ministry of Finance (“MoF”) is the Ministry within the Government of Montserrat (“GoM”) that leads in establishing and implementing GoM’s economic and fiscal policies. As such, it must engage all stakeholders and provide an overarching economic and financial strategy to best implement those programmes that fall within its remit. The MoF’s core business activities include:

  • Advising, coordinating and monitoring financial developments, policies and programmes;
  • Assisting and responding to economic issues, policies and programmes examined and reported by the Development Unit;
  • Developing and implementing financial policies and programmes that will accelerate growth, generate employment and stabilize the economy;
  • Providing support to business units that collect Government-budgeted revenues, mainly through the enforcement of direct and indirect tax, user charge legislation and other similar regulations;
  • Securing, allocating and managing budgetary aid resources;
  • Generating, allocating and managing the financial resources of GoM;
  • Advising on policies and plans of regional financial organizations and local statutory boards;
  • Securing implementation of relevant financial regulations and best practices throughout GoM;
  • Providing support to the Post Office to ensure that a reliable and efficient postal service is available;
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the public service through appropriate use of information technology;
  • Directly or indirectly assisting GoM in identifying and managing its external financial obligation and risks; and
  • Leading on matters of finance and supporting the Development Unit in matters of economic development and planning as it relates to the GoM.